Welcome to Business and Human Rights in Burma/Myanmar

Welcome to Business and Human Rights in Burma/Myanmar, a Blog dedicated to monitoring and analyzing business and human rights issues in a time of transition. Myanmar is undergoing political, social and legal transformation, opening its doors to international investment of all kinds. Abundant natural and human resources have made investment an attractive prospect. Yet, ethnic conflict and widespread human rights abuses cause instability and uncertainty for investors. Companies operating in Myanmar risk involvement in conflict and human rights abuse and therefore must be aware of their responsibilities.

This blog aims to provide relevant legal and policy analysis for both investors and human rights advocates. It will also highlight benchmarks achieved and human rights concerns raised by the activities of national companies or multinational corporations based in Myanmar. This blog will bring an international perspective on business and human rights, and draw on developments taking place at the United Nations and other international organizations, as well as regionally and in national contexts.

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  1. Glad to see this blog up and running, given the amount of focus on Burma/Myanmar recently. Best of luck with it!

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