Monthly Archives: June 2014

Investment is increasing rapidly in Myanmar despite slow legal reform regulating its entry and its operations in the country. In particular, laws supporting human rights and the environment have been slow to adapt to the changes. According to the UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights, Myanmar has the obligation to protect human rights and provide remedies in the context of business. It is therefore vital that investment policies, laws and regulations include human rights protection. The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) is both the promoter and the gatekeeper for investment. The body is undergoing significant changes and its regulatory role remains uncertain. It is under tremendous pressure to increase investment and to promote bilateral investment treaties as part of Myanmar’s drive for economic growth. For more analysis, please see my article in the Myanmar Times today.

The International Commission of Jurists will hold a workshop with the MIC to discuss its role in protecting human rights and the environment. The Blog will be updated on this workshop as details unfold.

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