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Dear Readers,

The draft policy has been prepared by MONREC and is being circulated. The draft policy is attached below. It is vital that civil society in Myanmar engage by providing comments and participating in upcoming consultation.

The purpose of this National Environmental Policy is to provide long-term guidance for government, civil society, the private sector and development partners in Myanmar on environment and sustainable development objectives in Myanmar. The Policy will guide detailed strategic frameworks and action plans for the environment sector, including green economic development, climate change and waste management strategies, as well as provide guidance for the mainstreaming of environmental considerations into all other plans and policies developed in Myanmar.

It proposes the following framework:


By 2030, Myanmar will be activelyprotecting and managingthe environment in ways that maintain biodiversity, support inclusive social and economic progress, respect human rights, and enhance quality of life for all people now and in future generations. Myanmar will have prioritized low-carbon and green economic development, and in doing so have helped ensure healthy and functioning ecosystems and living environments for all people.


To provide a practical framework for integrating environmental objectives in all policies, laws, regulations, plans, strategies, programmes and projects so that they contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development across Myanmar.


To articulate national environmental policy principles andguidance on incorporating environmental considerations into all sectoral policies and planning in order to:

– protect Myanmar’s important ecosystems, natural resources, and natural and cultural heritage, and ensure healthy living environments

– promote sustainable development in Myanmar and provide a practical framework for its pursuit

– improve environmental governance in Myanmar

The Full Policy is attached here: national-environmental-policy-statement-2016_eng_nov20_final_clean_ta

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